Trek Domane 5.2 C

5.0 stars
 (12 Reviews)
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Gloss/Matte Trek Black / 56cm
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Trek's Domane 5 Series was developed for Fabian Cancellara to crush the cobbles of Europe. Turns out the things he wanted—speed, efficiency and comfort with zero compromise in weight or performance—are things we all want. Hand made from Trek's 500 Series OCLV Carbon, it's light and stiff, and with genius ideas like their IsoZone tech, it's oh so compliant too. Race-all-day geometry gives you the edge over the competition with confidence-inspiring handling while the specs keep you at the front of the peloton. An Ultegra drivetrain with a compact crankset dishes out the silky shifting that Shimano is renowned for and Bontrager's Race wheels are wrapped with 25c tires for the perfect combination of speed, low-rolling resistance and ride quality. What's more, Trek keeps the 5.2 firmly in the featherweight class with a carbon handlebar, seatmast and fork.

Features & Info

Trek's impressive Domane

Trek's Domane is a game-changer. It's a high-performance race machine that's also comfortable enough for even your longest rides and roughest roads. Here are some highlights:
The Domane IsoSpeed fork. The Domane Ride-Tuned No-Cut seatmast. The Domane 3S chain-keeper.
The IsoSpeed fork's rake (offset) has been increased to optimize handling and lengthen the wheelbase for greater compliance over even harsh terrain. It's already been proven with wins in races over the toughest cobbles in Europe.
Trek's Ride-Tuned No-Cut seatmast eliminates seatpost clamping forces so it can be super-light and soak up road vibrations for ride-all-day comfort. It also offers up to 10cm of adjustment, so a perfect fit is guaranteed.
The 3S chain-keeper is integrated directly into the frame. It's an elegant solution that prevents the chain coming off on rough roads and under hard shifts. It lets you make any shift you want at any time without worrying.
The Domane internal cable routing. The Domane E2 front end. The Domane IsoZone handlebars.
The Domane's internal cable routing offers precision shifting and positive braking in all conditions. It's also compatibile with modern drivetrains, aerodynamic, and it protects the cables reducing wear and tear and maintenance.
The E2 head tube tapers from 1 1/2 to 1-1/8 inch and is wider side to side than front to back. This minimizes weight, maximizes power transfer and improves cornering. Result: a more powerful and confident ride. Vibration is the enemy. So, the Domane's ergonomic IsoZone handlebars feature integrated cushioning pads that reduce vibration by 20%. This means a bar that feels custom bent for you and that maximizes your comfort too.

BB90 bottom bracket

Trek's BB90.
Trek's Domane features a unique bottom bracket that's 90mm wide (traditional ones are 68mm wide). This wide bottom bracket lets Trek build the frame with larger tubes for increased power transfer. Plus, the BB90 is machined so that the bearings can be placed directly into the frame saving weight due to fewer parts, ensuring additional pedaling efficiency and simplifying maintenance and repair.

E2 Head Tube

Tapered head tube and fork.For increased stiffness and improved steering precision, tapered head tubes (see image, on left) and forks pair an oversize lower steerer tube (usually 1 1/2 inch, see image, on right) with a standard diameter upper steerer tube (usually 1 1/8 inch). This combination sheds weight compared to straight 1 1/2-inch systems, and adds stability and stiffness when compared to straight 1 1/8-inch systems. The result is a bike that tracks better through corners while allowing for the use of standard stems.

Geometry chart

Pedals sold separately

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(12 reviews)

100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (10)
  • Durable  (4)
  • Versatile  (4)
  • Comfortable  (3)
  • Responsive  (2)
  • Fast and Smooth Ride  (2)


  • Does not appear to be any 
  • Mediocre saddle 
  • Non-tlr tires 
  • Not Made In The Usa 
  • Lacks Frame Stiffness 

Best Uses

  • Road biking  (10)
  • All-day riding 
  • Commuter 
  • Long or short rides 
  • Long rides 
  • Passing scott foil riders 

Nov 05, 2014

A Kinder, Gentler Anagram

Great Ultegra Groupp, Heads-up Geometry, Massive Bottom Bracket, Uncompromising Power Tran, Superbly Compliant Ride, Superb
Non-tlr Tires, Mediocre Saddle
Best Uses:
Passing Scott Foil Riders, All-day Riding, Super Commuter
This is the best Trek road bike for the dollar since Wisconsin was covered in miles-deep ice. Buy one and destroy your other road bikes.
by Mister Mac from Upstate, South Carolina

Sep 11, 2014

Plush ride and Great descender

Great Decending, Mediates Poor Roads, Lightweight
Lacks Frame Stiffness
Best Uses:
Road Biking
I love the way the bike descends and the plush ride. I missed the lateral frame stiffness of my current carbon frame (very stiff AND comfortable, but less so downhill). I am a very nervous descender so this is an important feature for me personally. Its a trade off -less efficiency for a better descent. Domane will be my new bike because I need a better decender but I fear that the relative frame "squishyness" will be an irritation long term.
by slowdownhill from Sewickley, PA

May 11, 2014

Trek Domane is Very Nice

Versatile, Lightweight, Responsive On The Road, Fast, Fun To Ride, Durable
Best Uses:
Long Or Short Rides, Road Biking
I ride between 6000 and 7000 miles per year, so I am looking for comfort, durability, and speed. I also use Strava to track my rides, so I want to be fast on segments in my area. I went from a 2010 Trek 2.1 to this Trek Domane 5.2 and the word that comes to mind is WOW! This Domane is very nice and rides smoothly over these central Ohio roads that are rough from a harsh winter. I really like the Domane 5.2 and would recommend it to anyone - casual biker or avid cyclist like myself. You will not be dissatisfied if you purchase a Domane.
by Knox County Ohio Bicyclist from Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mar 13, 2014

First Ride on My Damone 5.2

Responsive, Quick, Lightweight
Does Not Appear To Be Any
Best Uses:
Road Biking
I just got back from my first ride outside on my Damone 5.2. I am very impressed. Last fall I got back into road bikes with a Trek 1.5. I thought it was nice and often said that as long as I did not ride a $3,000 bike I would be satisfied. Well I got a Madone to cure my winter blues and WOW. It is light, responds to my thoughts, quick, and the Ultegra components are beyond belief. Although I have only had the one outdoor ride, I have a couple hundred miles on it on my trainer, I can't wait to put many more miles on it. The ride is smooth yet crisp. The road surface seems smoother than last fall on my 1.5 yet the Damone leaps at the touch of the pedals. Now that I have ridden, and own, a $3,000 plus bike all I can say is that there is a difference, a very nice difference.
by Mike from Des Moines, ia

Feb 05, 2014

Great Bike

Lightweight, Weight, Ride quality
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Road Cycling
Have been riding a 08 Specialized Roubaix and decided to by a new Domane 5.2. Loved the color and looks. First ride was awesome and a lot smoother than my Roubaix. Wether has not cooperated but got in a 30 mile ride and unbelievable. A lot smother over the same rode than the Roubaix. Much quicker to get up to speed and maintain speed. Only have four road rides so far but very impressed.
by Rick4tx from Texas

Nov 25, 2013

love this bike

Smooth, Comfortable
Best Uses:
Long Rides
I just got into biking this last summer. Doctor ordered exercise and i hated my exercise machine. I got a moutain bike first but found I was mostly riding paved trails and roads. Went to a nice aluminum bike, but found it felt like a washboard on the rough streets in my neighborhood. I took the Domane for test ride and it felt great in the store parking lot. The real test came when i rode it over the rough streets at home. It was smooth, I could not believe it. The handling was awesome and the brakes were a huge improvement over what I had been riding... now the doctor is happy, I am down over 50 pounds, the blood pressure is down, the blood sugar is down and the clorestoral (sp) is where it should be... what used to be just plain hard work, is still work, but it is fun.
by Obed from Houston, Texas

Nov 09, 2013

First of many seasons done

Comfortable, Responsive, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Road Biking
Long rides are much less tiring. The Iso shock absorber is no gimmick, it really works. Back and hands with no discomfort after 65 + miles. Buy this in a heartbeat if you are looking for a responsive climber that you can ride all day long.
by RHA from Shorewood, IL

Oct 18, 2013

Fantastic bike

Stable, Lightweight, Fast and Smooth Ride, Effortless On The Hills
Best Uses:
Cardio Work Out, Road Biking
Was riding a Madone 3.2. Herniated a disc in my back. Riding after that on the Madone was too hard on the back since the bumps were not absorbed well. Bought the Domane after riding at the store and comparing the ride side by side with a Madone. Very significantly softer ride ie. the bike absorbed the bumps not my back. However, performance and ability to ride fast not degraded at all. By the way, a recumbent bike was intolerable on the back after the herniated disc.
by Doc Drummer from Des Moines, Iowa

Sep 20, 2013

Road bike as comfy as an easy chair!

Lightweight, Comfortable, Stable, Well built quality, Fast and Smooth Ride
Best Uses:
Road Biking
I have enjoyed riding a full carbon road bike for 15 years. A friend who is a Trek dealer suggested trying this bike with its sloping top tube and micro gearing. What a great ride! It felt as comfortable to me as an easy chair, yet responsive, stable and easy to control. I thought my old bike was lightweight, but climbing hills with this one was much easier and more enjoyable.
by Northside1 from Lewis Center, OH

Aug 03, 2013


Lightweight, Durable, Versatile
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
This bike was definitely made for both smooth and rough roads. I was very impressed by the way it handled. I would recommend this bike to anyone.
by Fireballdlr from Del Rio, Tx

Jul 29, 2013

Bike of my dreams!

Lightweight, Durable, Versatile
Best Uses:
Road Biking
Love how light and responsive this bike is! The Viper Red and white make this bike stand out on the road and people turn their heads to look at it. Hills are easier to climb and this bike is very quick from the start!
by Rick4036 from Charlotte, North Carolina

Mar 03, 2013

Must have.

Versatile, Very Fast, Lightweight, Durable
Not Made In The Usa
Best Uses:
Road Biking
A fast hill climbing machine. Overall fit is very comfortable on long rides. If going to go racing this is a good start. The only downer is its not made in the USA.
by Speed from Cedar Lake Indiana


Trek 500 Series OCLV Carbon w/E2, BB90
Trek IsoSpeed carbon
Bontrager Race
See Rims/Wheels
See Rims/Wheels
Bontrager R3, 700 x 25c
Shimano Ultegra
Front Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra
Rear Cogs
Shimano Ultegra, 11-speed: 11-28
Shimano Ultegra STI
Bontrager Race Lite IsoZone
Bontrager Gel
Bontrager Race X Lite
Brake Levers
Shimano Ultegra
Shimano Ultegra
Bontrager Affinity 3
Bontrager Ride-Tuned Carbon seatmast cap