Trek 8.3 DS

5.0 stars
 (12 Reviews)
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Streets and paths, suburbs and woods; return to the simple joys of cycling with Trek's 8.3 DS. This go-anywhere machine is road-bike fast, hybrid-bike capable and fun everywhere. It sports a lightweight Gold Series aluminum frame and a 63mm-travel suspension fork so it floats over rough roads and gravel. With multi-surface Bontrager tires wrapped around big 700c wheels any route you want to take is yours. And hills are no worries with 24 wide-ranging Shimano speeds to choose from and safe, powerful disc brakes at your disposal. Take the scenic way home.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(12 reviews)

100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (10)
  • Stylish  (6)
  • Comfortable  (4)
  • Durable  (3)
  • Fast  (3)
  • Good flexibility  (3)


  • Not enough time to ride 
  • Rims could be better 
  • Seat not comfortable 
  • Stopping 

Best Uses

  • Comfort  (2)
  • Commuting  (2)
  • Exercise  (2)
  • Freeriding  (2)
  • Park  (2)
  • Bike paths 

Nov 04, 2016

Good to get back into biking

Tough, Good Flexibility, Smooth Stability, Lots Of Pop, Well Balanced, Lightweight, Fast
Best Uses:
This is a good all-round bike for me. The lockout on the forks are useful for only using on the road; it really sitffens the bike up. The only thing I don't like are the brakes. When I pull the front lever, I want to stop, not slowly come to a stop.
by kpcraigo from Charleston, SC

Sep 22, 2016

Good commuter

Well Balanced, Tough, Good Flexibility, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Bike Paths, Park, Smooth Trails
I've had this bike for a little over a year. I bought it to commute to work and it has worked out very well. The tires are not the best quality and get very unstable when cornering fast or on slightly loose trails.
by tree hugger from The Woodlands, TX

Jul 05, 2016

Great Bike

Fast, Smooth Stability, Lightweight, Tough, Well Balanced, Good Flexibility
Best Uses:
Park, Powder, Freeriding
Overall, I love this bike. This is my first Trek bike and I absolutely love it! For being a dual sport, it is fast, light weight (for being a hybrid), agile and durable. I currently ride approximately 20 miles a day on a combination of paved road and packed dirt trails. This bike handles exceptionally well. If you are in the market for a hybrid, I would HIGHLY recommend the 8.3DS!
by RandallT from Charleston, SC

May 30, 2016

Nice Bike Nice Ride

Lightweight, Stylish, Durable, Rolls Nice
Seat Not Comfortable
Best Uses:
Rail Trail, Comfort
Great for Rail Trails, Rolls easy, Disk brakes are nice. Colors are great. Very nice bike. Dealer gives free lifetime tune ups. only con is I don't like the seat. for me it is uncomfortable after a few miles. Otherwise great bike.
by Big Daddy DN from Hamburg,Pa.

Apr 30, 2016

Sweet Ride

Best Uses:
Can't go wrong with Trek
by Nick from NC

Apr 18, 2016

Superb bike

Smooth, Comfortable Ride, Stylish, Fast, Lightweight, Joy To Ride
Best Uses:
Had a diamondback mountain 26". The Trek is out of this world...simply the best!
by Tommy boy from Aurora Ontario Canada

Sep 14, 2015

happy return to cycling

Comfortable, Stylish, Acceleration And Stopping, Lightweight, Excellent Ride For The Pr
Not Enough Time To Ride
Best Uses:
bought this bike from local dealer who supports many ride/run events in our area was pleasantly suprised at how much fun it was to return to cycling and give my feet a rest from the pounding of running as my main means of fitness.I havent had this much fun since racing bmx as a kid some 35 years ago. Thanx trek for an awesome machine my wife will soon be sporting a matching DS as soon as i can get her fitted on one.
by PIPEDOG from Dixon,Il.

Jun 18, 2015

Across the USA

Cross Country, Lightweight, Stylish, Durable, Comfortable, Crosscoutry
Rims Could Be Better
Best Uses:
Touring, Commuting, Comfort, Offroad
I bought this bike for my first cross country tour. I bought it new in Washington D.C and rode it down to Jacksonville, FL and then to Los Angeles, CA, between 4300 - 4500 miles in 45 days and weather ranging from winter with snow - rain - desert and painful uphills. The bike itself is still in good condition. Just a few scratches! Although, I did have to change the pedals and the entire back wheel. I did carry some weight on the back and eventually broke 6 spokes + the rest were bent outwards. I do realise that this bike is not built for touring, so can't really blame the company! I did not use bike pants during my whole trip and was suprised of how comfortable the seat was! Would definently recommend this bike, but if you are touring, get a new chain and wheels from the start to avoid flats and breakdowns! Thank you TREK for making this awesome bike!
by Daniel H from Sweden

Jun 13, 2015

From mountain bike to Dual sport

Easy Shifting, Lightweight, Good Gear Range, Glides Well, Great Breaking, Meets Quality Expectation
Best Uses:
Goofing Off, Jogging-bike Paths, Joggingbike Paths, Social Rides, Urban Wandering
Mongoose Vanish gears not shifting right, end result bought a new 8.3 DS. The Trek 8.3 Dual Sport is a very nice upgrade from a Mongoose Vanish. The Trek 8.3 Dual Sport feels lighter than and glides much better than my mountain bike. The mountain bike just had more drag and resistance to rolling. The mountain bike is a more road adsorbing ride; but the glide I get from the Dual sport is worth the feeling the road more, by far. I will always ride my bike off the pavement, over broken sidewalks and exposed roots, on dirt trails and through water and mud puddles. Mountain bike is better; but the Dual sport does this just fine for the amount and magnitude I brutalize bikes. Some live in a binary world, yes-no, right-wrong, roadbike-mountain-bike. For the analog people there are point in between and a nice Trek Dual Sport bike.
by PyroRobby from Houston, TX

May 03, 2015

fantastic bike

Stylish, Lightweight, Durable, Comfortable
Best Uses:
Commuting, Exercising, Pure Fun
I use this bike for recreation rides smooth on or off road seat is vary comfortable way better than the cheaper bikes I've had 9 from big box store in 2 yrs all broke down within a month or two so I tried a local bike shop well worth the money
by raywil from groves texas

Nov 20, 2014

Enjoyable ride, love it.

Smooth Shifting, Lightweight, Perfect Fit, Stylish
Best Uses:
Exercise, Enjoying Time By Myself, More Fun Then Walking
This bike was a 70th birthday gift. I wanted to upgrade from my Edgewood Diamondback( a retirement gift to myself) I went to a regular bike store and got properly fitted, told salesperson how I rode and where. I could hardly wait to try it and I was not disappointed. everything works so well on it. A wonderful upgrade for me, love it.
by Ron (The Sarge) from Brockton Ma.

Sep 15, 2014

"All-around winner"

Versatile, Very Efficient Gears, Very Fun To Ride, Nimble, Sure-footed
Best Uses:
Light-duty Mountain Bike, Exercise, Touring bike, Commuter
I bought this bike a month ago primarily for exercise. Used it this weekend on a "pub pedal" with friends, riding approx. ten miles. This is a great value for the money! Steep hills are no problem, on or off paved surfaces. Handles very well under all situations. Very efficient gearing will give you maximum drive for very little effort. During our pub pedal, I started off lollygagging in the back, chatting with newbies like myself. Very easy to ride and pedal. As the day progressed, I started to "push" the bike more to see what I could get out of it. It did not disappoint. I was able to ride with the big boys with little effort on my part. On one long stretch "I opened it up" and pushed it as hard as I could...this bike can cruise! Later, I followed a buddy briefly off-road, up and down some grassy hills. Again this bike did not fail. I haven't really tried any serious off-road stuff yet...can't really claim how it will compare to a true mountain bike for long periods of time over rough terrain. I certainly would not be afraid to try it, though! I just love this bike! Versatile...very efficient gears...handles great. When I stop riding, I can't wait to get back on it.
by Crazy Larry from St. Louis, MO


Trek Alpha Gold aluminum
SR SunTour NEX, 63mm-travel
Bontrager 750
Formula aluminum
Bontrager LT2, 700 x 38c
FSA Dyna Drive
Front Derailleur
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Acera
Rear Cogs
Shimano, 8-speed: 11-32
Shimano Acera
Bontrager low riser
Bontrager Satellite
Brake Levers
Tektro Novela Mechanical disc, 6-inch rotors
Nylon platform
Bontrager H1
Bontrager SSR