Trek 7.4 FX

5.0 stars
 (11 Reviews)
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Firebrand / 17.5-inch
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Light. Sporty. Lively. Trek's 7.4 FX is perfect for getting in shape or ditching the car and pedaling to your errands or to work. Its lightweight aluminum frame gets up to speed in a blink, while the carbon fork delivers quick steering and a smooth ride. The easy-rolling 700c wheels along with the hill-flattening 27-speed Shimano drivetrain let you ride further and faster than you may have thought possible. And, the FX is made for not just speed, but comfort as well, with a more upright riding position, a supportive seat and ergonomic grips and handlebar. You also get puncture-resistant tires and powerful linear-pull brakes. Have fun out there!

Features & Info

Trek's FX bicycles

Roadies, commuters, fitness freaks, errand runners, Sunday riders—everyone loves Trek's FX bicycles. Here are just a few reasons why (click images to enlarge).
Click to enlarge!The hydroformed-aluminum frame has sophisticated tube shapes that make a frame that's light and strong for a quick and efficient ride. Click to enlarge!Vibrations travel up your arms to your shoulders, causing fatigue and affecting control. Trek's Ergo and IsoZone grips, paired with the elastomer insert in the IsoZone handlebars reduce vibrations by 30%.
Click to enlarge!Trek's ingenious SpeedTrap seamlessly integrates the computer sensor into the fork to measure speed and distance with no added aerodynamic drag. Click to enlarge!Riding your FX to work? Running errands by bike? The FX has built-in mounts that make it easy to add racks and fenders for maximum versatility.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(11 reviews)

100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (10)
  • Durable  (5)
  • Responsive  (4)
  • Comfortable  (3)
  • Fast  (3)
  • Handles Well  (2)


  • Uncomfortable Seat  (2)
  • Seat 
  • Hard Saddle 
  • Brakes Could Be Better 
  • Seat Too Hard 
  • None 

Best Uses

  • Fitness  (3)
  • Commuting/City  (3)
  • Exercising  (3)
  • Road Biking  (3)
  • Casual Riding  (2)
  • Comfort 

Jul 20, 2016

Great Ride

Lightweight, Lifetime Warranty, Durable, Comfortable, Design, Components
Best Uses:
Cruising Trails, Fitness
I test rode the FX 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.7, and a Cannondale Quick Road, before deciding on the FX 7.4 in the Firebrand color (20 inch frame). I also talked to the guys in the service area about their opinion as to the sweet spot in the FX line, equipment wise. It's been very comfortable, quick, quiet, and reliable so far over the about 100 miles I have put on it. I did replace the seat, and have added a simple computer for speed, distance, time, etc. Definitely take a test ride if your thinking about a bike in this price range. Highly recommended.
by dklan from SE Wisconsin

Apr 26, 2016

So Far So Good

Responsive, Fast
Best Uses:
Fitness, Commuter
Bought this after I decided to commute to work via bike. Overall I am happy with the bike in the few weeks that I've had it. I've logged almost 300 miles with no complaints other than an awful saddle. This would be a good choice for a commuter or someone looking to get back into shape.
by CB218 from Akron, Ohio

Mar 18, 2015

Don't think I will need another bike

Decent Climber, Lightweight, Responsive, Smooth riding, Handles Well
Uncomfortable Seat, Brakes Could Be Better
Best Uses:
Bike Trips, Casual Riding, Exercising
I use this bike mainly for exercise. We have a 30 mile loop in our town that is basically all paved. This bike is perfect for this kind of riding (I am in my 50s). I went on a three day bike trip last year (rail-bed trail) and the bike performed well (including thirty pounds of gear). Planning to get a different set of tires for crushed-limestone trails, the stock tires a little iffy when the trail was wet and the bike was loaded up, although I never lost control. The IsoZone handle bars are very comfortable, and I find the carbon forks are better than my old bike, which had front shocks. I did add some bar extenders, which were only 40 bucks installed, highly recommended. The seat is not the greatest, and I've already wore through my brake pads, which is a little disappointing. But overall this bike is great, very smooth and rides well.
by Wagsman from Quad Cities, IA

Mar 09, 2015


Lightweight, Durable, Comfortable, Stylish
Best Uses:
Holy cow what a ride Just as fun as it could be !!!!!
by Maddog from Newport Beach

Aug 20, 2014

Replaced Roadbike

Fast, Lightweight, Responsive
Uncomfortable Seat
Best Uses:
I bought this bike to replace my Scattante road bike. I still had a need for speed but I didn't want the down bars anymore. This flat barred bike moves!! I am 67 years old and put in 14-20 mile rides. My times are the same as my road bike was. I must say that I swithched out the 32C tires for 28C's. I would not go any smaller becasue the bike is sooooo responsive. Love it.
by Doc from Phoenix, AZ

Mar 10, 2014

What a great all around bike!!

Lightweight, Good Geometry, Fast, Comfortable, Responsive, Handles Well
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Exercising, Commuting
I have several bikes and i must say i love riding this bike the most. Its just plain fun. You feel like a kid again.....
by Krzy4bikes from Rogers mn

Nov 14, 2013

very nice bicycle

Lightweight, Quiet, Smooth shifting
Best Uses:
the 14 fx 7.4 is a very nice smooth operating and quiet bicycle to use.i commute everyday 10+ miles a day.i was riding a marin quake mtb everyday but it was not up to road riding everyday. this fx 7.4 what a difference rolls right along .shifting smooth and quiet. the bike is so quiet if you come up behind people walking they jump as they do not hear you.only complaint and not really a complaint is they should have made the pedal arms black to coincide with the black bicycle.would not hesitate to buy another trek when the time comes.
by stephen I from massachusetts

Dec 29, 2012

I am very happy I bought this bike!

Lightweight, FUN, Versatile, Durable
Seat Too Hard
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
I had a Marin Muirwoods 29er and was very happy. The only complaint I had was that the bike was too heavy. I test rode the Trek 7.4 at my LBS and fell in love immediately. This is a light well constructed bike that handles beautifully. It shifts easily and the grips are extremely comfortable. The light aluminum frame with carbon forks make for a smooth and enjoyable ride whether on or off rode. The only down side is the seat which is exremely hard and uncomfortable. Otherwise this is a GREAT bike.
by Howie '51 from Los Angeles, CA

Jul 29, 2012

Pleasantly surprised

Handles well, Great components, Durable, Good brakes, Lightweight, Fast and Smooth Ride, Nice grips
Hard Saddle
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Fitness
Just some background...I am recovering after being on disability for the last 2 1/2 years. I was bedridden for the majority of that time. So this was a huge milestone in my recovery and I wanted to find a nice, quality bike, that was designed for fitness, to treat myself. So, I figured the 7.4 FX would perfect for me to get started. It has plenty of gears to work up to, it's light (compared to what I have owned before), it handles great, has nice grips, nice hard-case tires(I now have h5 hard-case tires), rides quietly and smoothly and you can just feel the quality compared to cheaper brands. I am not a professional cyclist by any means... I did ride a bike growing up almost everyday for 8 years, so I am no stranger to riding a bike. My first nice bike was redline when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Before that I had department store brand bikes. My bike before this was a Jamis Trail x bike. This 7.4 FX is much more suitable for me. I did have some concerns that the Trek dealer in [...] helped me with. The race tires were too hard for the kind of road (tar and chip) that I live on right now, so they switched them with H5's. Also, the seat was as hard as a brick, which they swapped out for me. They also swapped out the stem for me to help to adjust it. More recently I have noticed some noise from the drivetrain or pedals (not sure which) when I apply pressure when pedaling hard, especially in the higher gears. It sounds like clicking and rattling. They do a free tune-up between 30-90 days so maybe they can check it out then.I only have 20 miles on it so I will update this review in the coming months if anything changes. They said things need to be adjusted once they break in a bit. I am sure they will fix or adjust anything at that time. All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with this bike. My mom is also very satisfied with her bike (she bought a 7100 WSD). Between the great service at the dealer and the fantastic product Trek offers, I will be a loyal Trek owner for years to come. I would definitely recommend this bike or Trek, in general, to a friend or relative.
by Chris W. from Milford, DE

Jul 07, 2012

Rides like a dream

Comfortable Ride, Lightweight, Smooth shifting
Best Uses:
Road Biking
Brand new bike, but after a couple of rides I love it. Very smooth operation, and perfectly assembled and adjusted at [...]. This bike simply glides.
by David from Medinah, IL

Jun 10, 2012

So far, so good!

Versatile, Durable, Lightweight, Dependable
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Exercise
I haven't been on a bike in at least 10 years, but after moving to Chicago, I knew it was time. I went back and forth within the Trek FX series as it fit most of my needs (communiting, visiting friends around town and a means of exercise) and after going back and forth with the 7.3 and 7.4, I went with the 7.4 and am very happy. Not only is it a fantastic looking bike, it's been so easy to ride. It's lightweight with excellent components. I'd HIGHLY recommend this bike to anyone. (I was in the $400-$600 range when I first started looking, but this bike has completely justifited the $739 price tag)
by VanillaIceIsStillAlive? from Chicago, IL


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